Protest the Opening of the Consol Energy Center
Wednesday, August 18
6:00 pm-7:30 pm
Consol Energy Center (Meet us at the Corner of 5th and Washington in Uptown)

Two Arenas?  Really? Paul McCartney is playing at the official grand opening of the Consol Energy Center on Wednesday, August 18th. We love Paul McCartney! We love his solo act, we loved him in the Beatles, and we even loved him in Wings! But we really, really don’t like dirty energy.

Consol Energy bought the naming rights to the Penguins’ new arena (why did the Pens need a new arena anyway?!) for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-4 million a year hoping that it could promote its brand name and its filthy industry here in our city. Consol is a leading miner and trader of dirty coal, its long wall mining practices have hurt communities here in southwest Pennsylvania for decades and the emissions from dirty coal-fired power plants are irreparably changing our climate. Consol’s natural gas subsidiary, CNX is using a new and devastatingly invasive process called Hydraulic Fracturing to extract natural gas across Pennsylvania.

Join us to crash Consol’s big grand opening party on Wednesday, August 18th. We’ll have banners and signs to hold and flyers to distribute to concert goers.

This event’s being organized by the Shadbush Collective. For more information on the Shadbush Collective, visit or e-mail us a

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