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Shalefields Grassroots Reporter Issue #2: -Grassroots Organizing and Resistance- A CALL FOR STORY PITCHES!

  Dear Fellow Fracktivists, As we see an end in sight for the dark (yet disturbingly warm) winter, we at the Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective and Pittsburgh Independent Media Center are gearing up for a new issue of the Shalefields Grassroots Reporter. We have distributed nearly 40,000 copies of the first edition, which documented the… Read more »

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Action and Organizing in the Marcellus Shale!

Direct Action in the Shalefields Organizing and Action Training Saturday, October 22 10am-4pm Pittsburgh Friends’ Meeting House 4836 Ellsworth Ave. Across the Marcellus Shale Region people are organizing, mobilizing and taking action in unprecedented ways to confront gas companies and their plans to destroy our communities and environment. Grassroots groups are meeting together, pressuring political… Read more »

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Shalefields Grassroots Reporter!

The Shalefields Reporter 8-page paper features personal stories of people affected by fracking and an in-depth look at all aspects of the drilling process. It also analyzes industry claims that the drilling industry will bring wealth to our communities. Produced by the Shadbush Collective and the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, with the support of Marcellus… Read more »