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Rich Fitzgerald Needs a Science Lesson – “Gravity” will prevent water contamination from fracking?

On April 8, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald held a public hearing on the issue of leasing Deer Lakes County Park to Range Resources for fracking.  Fitzgerald claimed that there is no way that frack fluids several thousand feet down in the Marcellus Shale layer could contaminate aquifers, because “gravity is holding them down”.  Clearly… Read more »

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Shalefield Justice Action Camp Updates!

Shadbush Announces Location of Camp, Logistics, and Schedule.  Camp Registration is Live Location, Location, Location The Shadbush Collective is excited to announce the site of this fall’s Shalefield Justice Action Camp.  The camp will be the Henry Farm in Bessemer, Pennsylvania.  Maggie Henry has raised eggs, poultry, and pork on her farm in Bessemer, PA… Read more »

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Shalefield Justice Action Camp

Over the past several months we’ve seen an incredible burst of activity aimed at stopping gas drilling, mountaintop removal, and other forms of harmful resource extraction. In May, Butler County activists staged a hazmat suit-clad occupation of PA Representative and fracking cheerleader Brian Ellis’ office demanding that he be accountable to the Woodlands, a community… Read more »

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Stop Fracking Around!

Hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale is already having devastating affects on our communities and our shared environment, so how are we going to stop it?! The gas industry is too big and too powerful for any of us to stop it on our own.  They have money, politicians, lawyers, and public relations hacks all… Read more »

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Hydrofracking, natural gas and Marcellus Shale… What does it all mean for us?

The Shadbush Collective presents an introduction to the process, impacts, and political and economic systems involved in the new and dangerous form of natural gas drilling happening in the Marcellus Shale. Join us to learn how this unconventional drilling practice threatens our land, water and air – and find out ways people are taking action to put… Read more »

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Over 500 march to say “No Fracking Way!” to drilling Marcellus Shale!

[Re-post from] “No Fracking Way!” was the thunderous statement made by over 500 protestors in Pittsburgh today, marching from Allegheny Landing to the David Lawrence Convention Center. Residents from West Virginia, Western Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania were joined by activists and artists from all over the country to oppose the dangerous and destructive… Read more »

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Anti-Fracking Social Hour

7-9pm, Tuesday, November 2 Shadow Lounge—5972 Baum Blvd. All ages—no cover charge! On November 3 people from around the region will be converging on the David Lawrence Convention Center to confront the natural gas companies who will be planning their attack on our region at the Drilling Unconventional Gas summit.  A coalition of groups and… Read more »

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Rally to Save Our Communities and Environment November 3rd – Pittsburgh, PA

Stop the Destruction Caused by Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Rally to Save Our Communities and Environment November 3rd – Pittsburgh, PA On Wednesday, November 3-4, the gas industry will host a national conference on shale gas drilling at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. As people concerned about the health of our communities and… Read more »

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Shadbush Collective Pays a Visit to Grand Opening of the Consol Energy Center

Members and friends of the Shadbush Collective stopped by opening night at the Consol Energy Center.  As throngs of Beatle lovers converged on the brand new arena for a special concert by Paul McCartney, about a dozen of us held a giant banner reading “Our Drinking Water Matters:  Stop Drilling the Marcellus” while distributing hundreds… Read more »