Donald Trump continues to to raise the bar on racist rhetoric with attacks on immigrant, Latin@, Black, and Muslim communities. He has declared war on women, denies the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel extraction, and is anti-worker’s rights. Trump’s record of hate speech, inciting fear, violence, and bigotry goes on and on.

Trump’s message of hate sadly finds support among too many people, white people in particular. Pittsburgh, and all of Western Pennsylvania, must stand up to this fascism and hatred and show that our community and country needs to be based off values of respect and equality for all.

It is clear that Trump recruits his supporters with fear tactics and incites acts of violence towards those who oppose his racist platform. Throughout our country’s history people like Trump have told white people that People of Color are to blame for their problems, when in fact it is the 1% who have always been responsible for the massive inequality in our society. Racism directs white fear and anger toward People of Color, which has been acted out in generations of oppression and violence that continues today. Trump uses racism to divide us. But we refuse to join a political agenda founded on hate.

Join us in a pledge of resistance: Donald Trump is not welcome in Pittsburgh, nor anywhere else in Western Pennsylvania. Join us to pledge to take action against hatred and bigotry in our region. Sign on to commit to speaking out and taking action if Donald Trump comes to Western Pennsylvania.

By signing to take action we will keep you updated about planned actions, when we hear where and when Trump is coming regionally, and other ways to stay involved. We also encourage you to plan your own actions and recognize that other groups, organizations, and individuals are planning responses to Trump’s presence. If you want, share what actions you’re planning and we can share with the growing list of people pledging to stop Trump in our region.


Written by patrick