The program is split up into two tracks: direct action training, and education and movement building.  Direct action trainings listed in the left-hand column. If you have any questions about the program please email info AT threeriversrisingtide.org

Saturday, November 10

11:00 am- 1 pm

Check-In and Set Up

1 pm-2:15 pm—Workshop Block I

What is Direct Action? —Defining NVDA—Uses of NVDA—Spectrometer Types of Actions—History and Evolution of NVDA—NVDA in other movements Fracking 101– Steve Cleghorn, PhD, Jefferson County FarmerThis presentation describes the basics of shale gas extraction, debunks the major so-called “benefits” of the industry, makes the case for a moratorium in PA Can’t we all just get along?! Strategies for healthful small group organizing – Shadbush Environmental Justice
Social change happens when people work together. So does a LOT of other stuff… stuff that sometimes gets called “group dynamics.” This “other stuff” can weave the social fabric to help your group reach its goals, AND it can be a giant messy roadblock to forward momentum. In this participatory workshop, we’ll strategize together about best practices for channeling the energy of passionate humans into small-scale organizing patterns that are resilient, robust, and healthful. Everyone’s welcome!

2:30 pm-3:45 pm—Workshop Block II

Action Visuals 

–Creating Good Action Visuals

–Banners Banners Banners!


Strategic Messaging and Framing– Marcellus Protest Strategic Messaging CommitteeHistory shows us that facts are not enough; our words must be memorable and easily understood. People are not interested in our facts until they can relate to our values. In this workshop, we will work together to re-frame our language around environmental problems and solutions. When our message is both true and convincing, our movements can grow. Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells and Fracking– Laurie Barr, Save Our Streams PAThe farm which is hosting us is the site of a handful of unplugged and abandoned oil and gas wells. Fracking near these wells increases the risks of methane leaks and water contamination.  This workshop will address the problems associated with new drilling amidst PA’s 200,000 abandoned and lost oil and gas wells.

4pm—5:15pm–Opening Circle

Welcome and orientation to the Henry family farm; Overview of the weekend; Review of anti-oppression policy and developing community agreements


7-8:15 Workshop Block III

Staying Safe At Actions —What to bring, what not to bring—Safety Considerations

–Addressing Common Action-Related Health Issues


Community Organizers Panel DiscussionRyan Clover – Shaleshock Alliance, Ithaca, NYDiane Sipe – Marcellus Outreach Butler, Butler Co., PA


9:00pm Film Screening

Triple Divide with filmmakers Melissa Troutman and Joshua PribanicThrough personal stories and case files of public documents, Triple Dividetells a cautionary tale about the consequences of shale gas industrial development alongside a deficit of accountability. Though the stages of development for shale gas will one day end, taking many boom and bust jobs with it, contaminated groundwater aquifers, environmental damage, and injured stories will remain in the absence of strictly enforced state regulations. tripledividefilm.org

Sunday, November 11

8:00am-9:00am Breakfast

9:00am-9:30am Morning Circle

9:45am-11 am—Workshop Block IV

Working Together At Actions—Affinity Groups and Roles—Consensus Decision Making—Combatting-Oppression in Action Situations Climate Change and Fracking – Iris Marie Bloom, Protecting Our Waters

How does fracking accelerate climate change? We’ll look at methane’s potency as a greenhouse gas and debunk the myth that fracking has already reduced climate change. We’ll touch base on how climate change creates extreme weather, and critique the “Climate of Doubt” spin machinery. Together we will pool our knowledge, practice our arguments, and brainstorm about how this understanding can help us generate new alliances and tactics in the fight against fracking.

11:15-12:30—Workshop Block V

Scouting and Action Communications –Scouting for Actions-What to look for, how to make measurements, how to gain access–Reporting Back to Your Action Team–Action Communications–Basic Radio Protocol Coal Extraction in Western PA –Mountain Watershed Association and Center for Coalfield JusticeThis presentation will discuss different types of coal extraction in western Pennsylvania and their impacts on the environment and communities.

12:45-1:45 Lunch

2-3:15 Workshop Block VI

Encountering Workers, Community Members, Police, Security, and Media—De-Escalation—Police Liaisons—Sound Bytes Independent Media Makers/Cultural Workers Panel Discussion Fracking 101 – Shadbush Environmental JusticeThis presentation provides an overview of the processes involved in shale gas extraction and their impacts on communities and ecosystems


3:30-4:45–Workshop Block VII

Know Your Rights – ACAB Legal Collective–Know Your Rights—the Legal Process—Security Culture

Burn Bright! Creating Communities of Care while Fighting for Social Change – Facilitators For Freedom

Participants will share strategies and experiences striving for emotional and physical balance while fighting the good fight.

Monitoring Natural Gas Operations – Veronica Coptis and Melissa Troutman, Mountain Watershed AssociationThis presentation will discuss how monitoring shale gas activities can increase capacity and awareness of the impacts from shale gas extraction.

5-6:30 Free Time

6:30 Celebration of Resistance

  • Farm Fresh Feast
  • The Fight to Save the Henry Family Farm
  • The True Cost of Coal Poster Presentation – Beehive Design Collective
    The True Cost of Coal is an interactive picture-lecture that traces the story of mountaintop removal coal mining from the ancient geological formation of the Appalachian mountains to the present day struggles to end resource extraction. Told in accessible, plainspoken language accompanied by engaging cartoons of plants and animals native to the region, the True Cost of Coal is a storytelling extravagganza of epic proportions, chaulk full of organizing lore, dramatic bad guys, good news, and the heartfelt imperative to organize together for a future beyond fossil fuels. Don’t miss it!
  • Live Music

Monday, November 12

8:00am-9:00am Breakfast

9:00am-9:30am Morning Circle

9:45am-11 am—Workshop Block IV

Workshop Block VII Lockdowns and Blocades
 —Soft blocks—Lockboxes, U-locks—Vehicle Lockdowns—Tripod Demo Picture This… Exercises for your Vision MusclesDefending our lands and communities against extractive industries can only go so far. Deep, transformative change starts when we go on the offensive to (re)create a world based on more than profits and plunder. What does that world look like and feel like? How will we manifest it? Where do we find seeds of it sprouting already? Come to this session with your unrealistic ideas, creative schemes, heartfelt dreams, and moral compass! Revolutionary work-out spandex unitards optional.


2-3:30 Lunch and De-Brief

3:30 Pack up, Clean up and Head Home