Put the Spotlight on Shell–Stop Fracking in Bessemer, PA
Defend the Henry Farm!

Meet near 1545 Pennsylvania Rt. 108 in Bessemer, PA (look for the giant drilling rig)

1pm Saturday, October 6th

Maggie Henry has raised eggs, poultry, and pork on her farm in Lawrence County, PA for the past 10 years. Before that, her husband Dale, ran the family dairy operation that was passed down to him from his father and grandfather. Now oil giant Shell is constructing a well on a neighboring property; one of the company’s first unconventional gas wells in the region.

Maggie’s farm sits above an old oil and gas field known as the Bessemer Oil Pool, which contains hundreds of unplugged abandoned oil wells, many of which cannot be located. At least 9 abandoned wells sit under Maggie’s property. Highly explosive methane gas has been known to leak from Marcellus wells into old abandoned wells and up to the surface. Early this summer, residents in Union Township in Tioga County were forced to evacuate their homes because of a major methane leak caused by Shell’s fracking operations in the area.

With complete disregard for the health and safety of nearby residents, DEP has permitted, and Shell is moving ahead with fracking in the Bessemer field. We need to take a stand! Join us to put the spotlight on Shell at 1pm on Sunday, October 6th. Meet at 1545 Pennsylvania Rt. 108 in Bessemer, PA (look for the giant drilling rig). 1pm Saturday, October 6th.

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