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About Us

Three Rivers Rising Tide was formed as the Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective in  spring of 2010 out of a desire to develop a more radical response to the climate crisis and environmental injustice as they manifest in Pittsburgh and throughout our region.  The Shadbush Collective organized actions, educational events, trainings, and published literature for more… Read more »

  • Marcellus Infrastructure Counter Summit: Stop the Pipelines, Stop Fracking! On March 20, join Marcellus Protest for an inspiring evening of dinner, action, education and organizing to build the movement against shale gas development. We are already witnessing the devastating impacts of fracking throughout our region: poisoned water, polluted air, dead animals, and many sick people. But the… Read more »

  • Shalefields Grassroots Reporter Issue #2: -Grassroots Organizing and Resistance- A CALL FOR STORY PITCHES!

      Dear Fellow Fracktivists, As we see an end in sight for the dark (yet disturbingly warm) winter, we at the Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective and Pittsburgh Independent Media Center are gearing up for a new issue of the Shalefields Grassroots Reporter. We have distributed nearly 40,000 copies of the first edition, which documented the… Read more »

  • from our friends in Ohio… OCCUPY THE DRILLERS! CALL TO ACTION: November 30, Youngstown, OH The Marcellus shale gas industry wants us to believe that they are care takers of Ohio, that their use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, and related operations will be great for the Midwest and the Rust Belt. We know that’s not… Read more »

  • Occupy DUG East

    In the spirit of movements across the country against corporate power, local organizers, activists, and occupiers are calling for an occupation of the Developing Unconventional Gas conference in Pittsburgh. Tuesday, November 15 5:15pm – March on the conference, meet at Occupy Pittsburgh/Mellon Green, 6th and Grant downtown 6:00pm – People’s Reception and Occupation begins, David… Read more »

  • Action and Organizing in the Marcellus Shale!

    Direct Action in the Shalefields Organizing and Action Training Saturday, October 22 10am-4pm Pittsburgh Friends’ Meeting House 4836 Ellsworth Ave. Across the Marcellus Shale Region people are organizing, mobilizing and taking action in unprecedented ways to confront gas companies and their plans to destroy our communities and environment. Grassroots groups are meeting together, pressuring political… Read more »

  • shalefields

    Shalefields Grassroots Reporter!

    The Shalefields Reporter 8-page paper features personal stories of people affected by fracking and an in-depth look at all aspects of the drilling process. It also analyzes industry claims that the drilling industry will bring wealth to our communities. Produced by the Shadbush Collective and the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, with the support of Marcellus… Read more »

  • Drilling for Money—Shadbush Collective Releases Report on Gas Industry Shareholders

    The Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective is proud to announce the release of “Drilling for Money,” a research report looking into the investors behind the Marcellus Shale gas boom.  The report identifies some of the top shareholders in major gas companies operating in the Marcellus Shale region, takes a brief look at some of the top… Read more »

  • Connecting the Movements Against Dirty Energy

    ….An interview with filmmakers Josh Fox and Mari-lynn Evans; and a personal report-back from the June 11th march on Blair Mountain. On June 11th, in the remote West Virginia town of Blair, almost a thousand people converged to demonstrate their opposition to mountaintop removal.  Specifically, they opposed the destruction of Blair Mountain, which is the… Read more »

  • Stop Fracking Around!

    Hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale is already having devastating affects on our communities and our shared environment, so how are we going to stop it?! The gas industry is too big and too powerful for any of us to stop it on our own.  They have money, politicians, lawyers, and public relations hacks all… Read more »

  • Hydrofracking, natural gas and Marcellus Shale… What does it all mean for us?

    The Shadbush Collective presents an introduction to the process, impacts, and political and economic systems involved in the new and dangerous form of natural gas drilling happening in the Marcellus Shale. Join us to learn how this unconventional drilling practice threatens our land, water and air – and find out ways people are taking action to put… Read more »