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“No Fracking Way!” was the thunderous statement made by over 500 protestors in Pittsburgh today, marching from Allegheny Landing to the David Lawrence Convention Center.

Residents from West Virginia, Western Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania were joined by activists and artists from all over the country to oppose the dangerous and destructive hydro-fracking gas drilling. The impassioned rally circled David Lawrence Convention Center, where inside gas industry executives were meeting to discuss the “future” of hydro-fracking gas drilling and planning to use heavy explosives to blast apart the Marcellus Shale formation to get the gas beneath.

“This is a revolution!” said Loretta Weir of Lincoln Place, Pittsburgh. Loretta said that a revolution was needed since the gas companies operate “outside the law.” Weir took the podium to encourage city residents to support a moratorium on drilling in Pittsburgh, and to attend a public hearing tomorrow to discuss the matter.

Josh Fox, maker of the film Gasland, remarked that the movement to stop hydro-fracking gas drilling is growing, prompting huge cheers from the crowd. Telling the story of a father in a hydro-fracking region whose two sons got frequent nose bleeds from hydro-fracking-associated toxins.

“We are here for that family!” said Fox.

Fox then took out his mobile phone from the podium and called Governor-elect Tom Corbett, a gas industry favorite who yesterday won the Pennsylvania governorship. He told the governor that we, the people of Pennsylvania, joined by our allies, demand an end to hydro-fracking gas drilling. He then held his phone out to the crowd, who began chanting, “No Fracking Way!”

Several musicians took the stage, including Justin Sane of the punk band Anti-Flag. Sane shared a special song he wrote for the occasion entitled, “Gasland Terror,” in which he equated the gas industry with terrorists who are bombing our homeland.

“Only a dying soul,” said Reynoldsville, PA farmer Stephen Cleghorn, pointing his finger at the David Lawrence Convention Center, “can contemplate the destruction of life that they’re discussing in that building right now!”

A few gas industry delegates ventured out of the convention center after the rally had concluded, which drew livid and emotional conversations with residents from the Marcellus Shale region who are experiencing water pollution, soil degradation, and other impacts of hydro-fracking gas drilling. The delegates learned a thing or two about the impacts of their decisions.

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