The action camp is going to be on an organic farm about an hour outside of Pittsburgh.  We’ll provide regular meals with vegetarian and vegan options.  There is plenty of space to camp and plenty of floor space inside the farmhouse to sleep.  The house is heated and there is electricity.  There is  strong cell phone reception but internet access is limited.

The camp is in early November so if you plan on camping remember that it will likely be pretty cold so prepare accordingly. UPDATE 11/8 Indoor sleeping space is full. Expect to camp outside.


Unfortunately because of fracking activity in the area there is a shortage of running water.  There is plenty of clean drinking water but showers will not be available at the camp.  Also the only restrooms available will be outhouses.


If you have any other specific needs that we may be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to share them on your registration forms or e-mail us at info@shadbushcollective@gmail.com and we’ll do everything we can to help accommodate your needs.  Childcare may be available, so if you plan to bring young children please indicate that on your registration form (no later than the beginning of November) so we can make appropirate arrangements.


Consistent with our Points of Unity, the Shadbush Collective is committed to anti-oppression in the work that we do and we’re committed to maintain a safe space for everyone to fully participate in the Shalefield Justice Action Camp.  Oppressive behaviors will not be tolerated at the camp and collective members and camp volunteers will be available to help address any concerns that arise.


*A Note on the Farm*

The farm that is hosting us raises chickens for eggs and turkeys and pigs for meat.  It is certified organic and free range.  We understand and respect that a lot of different people in our movement have different philosophies regarding food politics and animal rights.  The Shadbush Collective is committed to maintain a strong relationship with our hosts and we respect the work that they are doing.  If you have concerns about staying at a farm that raises animals for meat and eggs we ask that you consider that before deciding to attend the camp.


What to Bring!

Bring yourself, ready to learn, develop relationships, share ideas and work hard!

A tent (if you plan to camp)

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad

Warm clothes

Water bottle

Flashlight or headlamp

A mess kit (if you have one, to cut down on dishes)

Musical instruments

Zines and other literature to share


What Not to Bring!

Illegal drugs

Lots of alcohol (We’re not drawing a hard line against alcohol at the camp, but keep in mind that this is an action camp and we’re coming together to learn and to build relationships, not to party.)


Dogs—There are hundreds of chickens, turkeys and pigs on the farm.  We’re sure that your dog is very well behaved but we would all feel better if you left your dogs at home.


What we need!

(E-mail info@threeriversrisingtide.org if you can help out with any of these needs.  This list will be growing as we solidify details!)

-Food donations or food stamp donations

-Large jugs for water

-Climbing gear

-FRS Radios (walkie talkies)

-Lumber (for outhouse construction)

-Water containers and spigots (even big coolers!)

-Big tubs for dish washing

-Local firewood

-Foldable chairs and tables (for meals!)

-Art supplies