The Shadbush Collective presents an introduction to the process, impacts, and political and economic systems involved in the new and dangerous form of natural gas drilling happening in the Marcellus Shale. Join us to learn how this unconventional drilling practice threatens our land, water and air – and find out ways people are taking action to put an end to the destruction.

When: January 22, 1pm

Where: Pittsburgh Free School, 3637 Bethoven St, Polish Hill

The presentation will include:

* What is the process of hydrofracking and how is it different than traditional natural gas drilling?
* What are affects of hydrofracking on our land, water, and air?
* What are the institutions and people who make this destruction possible?
* What are some of the ways people are fighting back?

This event’s being organized by the Shadbush Collective. For more information on the Shadbush Collective, visit or e-mail us a

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