The action camp kicked off today, graced with a warm and sunny day on Maggie’s Farm and over 60 people in attendance.  I was excited to see a strong local presence combined with people from all across Pennsylvania and even beyond – with Ithaca, NY; Ohio; and southern West Virginia also represented.  There is keen interest among many to build connections across regions, link together struggles against coal and gas, and strengthen our movement!

At the evening panel on community organizing, speakers from Butler County, PA; Columbia County, PA (NE), southern West Virgiania, and Ithaca, NY shared their techniques for organizing in different regions.  They also talked openly about how they stay motivated in a long-term struggle with long odds of success, and cope with the trauma of the impacts of fracking on their communities, friends, families, and neighbors.

A highlight for me was our host Maggie’s response to a question about what connection city people have to this issue, since most of them have municipal water rather than well water.  She really brought home the message of our interdependence.

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