Saturday, December 4 · 2:00pm

425 N. Craig St.

Ever wonder where all the money involved in Marcellus Shale drilling comes from and goes to (since it’s obviously not our communities!)? Learn more than you hoped to know along with the Shadbush Collective at our Strategic Corporate Research Training focused on the players and financiers of the gas drilling industry.

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Beyond the Boardroom: A Workshop on Strategic Corporate Research

Today 51 of world’s largest 100 economies are multinational corporations. These corporations are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. They sell us the water we drink and the food we eat; they operate many of the hospitals we go to when we’re sick and the schools our children attend; prisons, police and the military are not even insulated from this increasing trend toward privatization and corporatization.

Despite their rapid rise in influence and power, information on these mammoth institutions is kept strikingly out of the popular dialogue. Who runs them? How are they connected? And perhaps most importantly: how can all of us have a say in how these corporations operate?

We’ll take a look at several publicly available (but well hidden) sources for information on companies including annual reports, SEC filings (primarily 10K and Proxy statements), IRS 990, and other FEC and IRS documents. Additionally we’ll talk about how to analyze all of this information to zero in on the company’s decision-making processes, profit centers, growth plans, and key relationships. And finally we’ll look at how NGO’s, labor unions, and community organizations have turned this research into strategy to confront corporate power and demand accountability.

Corporate Research Powerpoint Presentation

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