Marcellus Infrastructure Counter Summit: Stop the Pipelines, Stop Fracking!

On March 20, join Marcellus Protest for an inspiring evening of dinner, action, education and organizing to build the movement against shale gas development.

We are already witnessing the devastating impacts of fracking throughout our region: poisoned water, polluted air, dead animals, and many sick people. But the impacts don’t stop at the well site.  The infrastructure needed to transport and process the gas – pipelines, compressor stations, and gas processing facilities – comes with its own set of hazards including heavy air pollution, explosions and other accidents, and the fragmentation of farms and forests.  Many pipeline companies are gaining public utility status to acquire right-of-ways through private property using eminent domain.  Meanwhile, much of the pipeline development is completely exempt from regulation by federal and state agencies.

From March 19 – 21,  oil and gas industry executives and their wall street investors will convene at the Marcellus Midstream conference in downtown Pittsburgh to make plans for these infrastructure developments.  Marcellus Protest is planning a summit of our own for residents and organizations across the region concerned about or impacted by this growing aspect of the industry.

On March 20th we will gather at Smithfield United Church of Christ (620 Smithfield St, downtown Pittsburgh), march on the convention center, then reconvene at Smithfield Church for dinner, a panel discussion about pipelines and infrastructure, and an organizing strategy session.  We are calling on all of our friends and allies to join us and build our movement against all aspects of shale gas development.

Full schedule and list of speakers to be announced in the coming weeks!

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